A creative project and a laboratory where ancient artisan know-how meets contemporary aesthetic research.

Materials, hands and time

We wet press the clay in plaster molds, a complex procedure that, unlike industrial processes, ensures careful control of every single item.

Once out of the mold, each piece is cleaned and imperfections removed by hand, thence transformed in the kiln into an unchangeable artifact.

The decoration is also carried out manually with a combination of enamel paints and crystalline substances using our own formulas in order to create particular reflections and iridescence.


Delicately Crafted

The final firing is performed in muffle ovens, requiring long cycles to bring out the tonal and color effects.

Time is what really characterizes our products, even if technology has certainly aided and sped up the search for innovative solutions.

It is the work of human hands, great patience and expert craft that makes our products unique pieces of art.


Custom projects can be found at the crossroads of our craftsmanship.On top of our standard collections, we collaborate with designers and architects in the development of small or large-scale personalized projects.

By integrating artisan skills with industrial production in order to realize more complex projects – we have many avenues to create a desired look and color.

The vast range of colors and finishes represents one of our points of excellence.

We are able to fine-tune our work to achieve any shade desired, starting with our paints, and through the use of gold, platinum, copper, and bronze to obtain special shimmering effects.

A contemporary tradition

The work of Botteganove is steeped in 400 years of tradition – an inheritance of shapes, processes and techniques that have their roots in the town of Nove.

It was here in the 1960s that the Pegoraro family set up a workshop to produce classical ceramics.