T-887 Flora

Samples available for purchase in March 2024

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Chiara Andreatti’s Flora depicts nature,

which is primordial and primitive. The superficial

imperfections that render each piece
unique are highlighted by the colored
crystalline and the satin paints applied, as
required by tradition, by hand to achieve a
gouache effect. Flora is available in different formats.

This allows for personalized
solutions, privileging movement or design,
standard or individual tonalities.

Stone Type:

Stoneware > product code FL_XXX

A mid fired fine-grained clay body that has a buff color which affects the color of the glaze.( i.e. For the Flora collection tiles we used this clay for the white satin
finish because it obtains a more natural and warm color ). It has more mechanical strength than white clay, with less water absorption, it is sourced from local
suppliers close to our factory.

Refractory > product code FL_002 / 003 / 004

A mid fired semi coarsed-grained clay body that has a grey color after firing. It has an elevetad amout of grog ( crushed refractory rocks) insiede the clay, that
reduce the thermal expansion coefficent and enable to obtain nice craquelè glaze effect, with depth and vitreous glaze. At the same time the grog added guar-
antee a high stability during drying and firing process, particularly needed with bigger pieces (i.e. Flora collection)

Porcelain > product code FLP_XXX

A high-firing fine-grained white clay body that mature to a durable, strong, vitreous ceramic. It is usually pure white because of its high kaolin content and lack of
other ingredients like iron that can change the color and properties, sourced from French quarries.


  • Material :: Stoneware, Ceramic

  • Application :: Interior, Exterior, Kitchen & Bath, Wet Area, Floor, Wall

  • Stock Options :: Made to Order

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    WHITE SATIN (FL_001)
  • Field sizes

    8.62 x 11.61
    5.79 x 17.32