T-887 Clinker

Samples available for purchase in March 2024

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The Clinker Collection came from the intuition to
reinterpret a well-known form to the world of ceramics
by means of the specific craft skills of the
Botteganove workshop. The hexagonal clinker tiles
are, in fact, created by brown clay fired at extremely
high temperatures. The result is much more resistant
than the common white clay and has a glossy surface.
Rich in magnesium the body clay reacts in a particular
way to a combination of certain glazes, taking on
vibrant nuances. This would not be the case with the
common body clay. That said, it is by no means an
easy material to use requiring a firm hand: the natural
reduction in size, the application of paint glaze by
brush, the baking firing in the kiln with little oxygen
are all processes that need the expertise and patience
of a skilled artisan.

Stone Type:
Dark Brown Stoneware > product code CK_XXX,
A mid fired fine-grained clay body that has a chocolate dark color. Great mechanical strength with little water absorption, sourced from Germans quarries. It is
rich in Manganese oxide that reacts with specific glazes and creates particular effects
White Clay (earthenware) > product code TK_XXX
A low firing fine-grained clay body that is typically white both in the raw state and after firing. It has a great workability combined with the white color that
enabled it to play with colored glazed. This highly porous clay will remain highly absorbent. Locally we have different suppliers of this body clay available. It’s
been used for centuries in our town, Nove, and it is still used nowadays.

Also Available by request

Stoneware “M”
A mid fired fine-grained clay body that has a grey/buff color, it’s been formulated specifically for us from a local clay supplier. It mature in a strong, durable and
vitreous ceramic in a mid fired range, enable to save energetic cost. It doesn’t have a great workability so not all shape can be made with this body clay and not
all the glazes can be used, but still represent a great less expensive option to the classic porcelain or stoneware porcelain body clay.


  • Material :: Stoneware

  • Application :: Kitchen & Bath, Exterior, Interior, Wet Area, Commercial, Residential

  • Stock Options :: In Stock in US

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    TEAL GLOSS (TK_S013)
    GOLD (CK_M001)
  • Field sizes

    2.16 x 2.52 Hex on 11.41 x 12.08 Sheet