T-887 Micromosaico

Samples available for purchase in March 2024

All sample costs paid by customers will be reimbursed on the placement of any order for Botteganove materials.


Inspired by one of the oldest and most elaborate
techniques of jewellery production, Botteganove’s
Micro-mosaic Collection creates precious decorative
surfaces. Projected originally in white clay with
small square tiles, the collection has been enriched
over time by variations, such as even smaller
square tiles and a round one realized in porcelain
and treated with special techniques so as to
be suitable for use even in humid environments,
for instance a swimming pool or a Turkish bath.

Stone Type:

Porcelain Stoneware > product code MGP11_XXX

A high-firing atomised ceramic mix of raw materials. It is particularly suitable to produce glazed porcelain stoneware with similar features as for the clay body
used in the tiles industry.

Stoneware “M” > product code MDT13_XXX

A mid fired fine-grained clay body that has a buff color which affects the color of the glaze.( i.e. For the Flora collection tiles we used this clay for the white satin
finish because it obtains a more natural and warm color ). It has more mechanical strength than white clay, with less water absorption, it is sourced from local
suppliers close to our factory.


  • Material :: Mosaics, Porcelain, Stoneware

  • Application :: Interior, Exterior, Kitchen & Bath, Commercial, Residential

  • Stock Options :: Made to Order

  • To request a sample, first select a color below.


    PETROLEUM (MGP11_L001)
    GOLD GLOSS (MGP11_M005)
  • Field sizes

    13.7 x 13.26 Mosaic
    11.81 x 11.81 Mosaic