T-570 Niche

Niche is a porcelain collection with a robust design ethos: divided into three complementary technologies, it offers three shades for each of the two graphic interpretations, with sizes ranging from 11.8″ x 23.6″ to 47.2″ x 109.4″, along with a rich assortment of decorations.

  • Material :: Porcelain

  • Application :: Wall, Floor, Kitchen & Bath, Wet Area, Interior, Exterior, Commercial, Residential

  • Stock Options :: Not Stocked in US

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    Covered Light
    Covered Mid
    Covered Dark


    Array Light
    Array Mid
    Array Dark


    Chevron Light
    Chevron Mid
    Chevron Dark


    Mosaic Mega
    Mosaic Macro
    Mosaic Micro
  • Field sizes

    11.8 x 23.6
    23.6 x 23.6
    23.6 x 47.2
    47.2 x 47.2
    47.2 x 109.4
    5.7 x 19.6
    11.8 x 11.8