T-846 Archer

Porcelain geometric elements for wall or floor designed to combine into one decorative system. Archer inspires with its vast possibility of different graphic canvases. Archer is available in 4 base colors, as well as an assortment of pattern/color combinations. Please pay special attention to which pattern/color is requested. This page displays ALL available combinations.

  • Material :: Porcelain

  • Application :: Wall, Interior, Living, Residential

  • Stock Options :: Not Stocked in US

  • To request a sample, first select a color below.


    Mud w/ White Quiver
    Mud w/ White Target
    Mud w/ White Bow
    MMud w/ White Arrow
    Mud w/ Black Quiver
    Mud w/ Black Target
    Mud w/ Black Bow
    Mud w/ Black Arrow
    Charred w/ White Quiver
    Charred w/ White Target
    Charred w/ White Bow
    Charred w/ White Arrow
    Snow w/ Black Quiver
    Snow w/ Black Target
    Snow w/ Black Bow
    Snow w/ Black Arrow
    Snow w/ Gloss Brown Quiver
    Snow w/ Gloss Brown Target
    Snow w/ Gloss Brown Bow
    Snow w/ Gloss Brown Arrow
  • Field sizes

    * 8 x 8 Square