T-537 Saddle

All 3D collections are wall only


The Saddle collection was conceived through an exploration of equestrian motifs. It embodies a fusion of refined geometry and enduring architectural shapes, resulting in ceramic surfaces that seamlessly blend urban sophistication with rustic charm.

Within the equestrian realm, inspiration knows no bounds, with a plethora of colors and textures derived from the vibrant hues of horse coats and the diverse array of materials such as wood, metal, straw, sand, leather, stone, and concrete.

  • Material :: Porcelain

  • Application :: Wall, Floor, Kitchen & Bath, Wet Area, Interior, Commercial, Residential

  • Stock Options :: Not Stocked in US

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    Green – Pasture 3D
    Blue – Pasture 3D
    White – Pasture 3D
    Sand – Pasture 3D
    Green – Pasture Flat
    Blue - Pasture Flat
    White – Pasture Flat
    Sand - Pasture Flat


    Black – Trot 3D
    Blue – Trot 3D
    White – Trot 3D
    Tan – Trot 3D
    Black – Trot Flat
    Blue – Trot Flat
    White – Trot Flat
    Tan – Trot Flat


    Black – Track
    Bay – Track
    Cream - Track
  • Field sizes

    3.5 x 11
    5.5 x 7
    6.6 x 9.17