T-537 Pixel – COMING SOON

Pixel is a collection that explores the world of terrazzo.


Inspired by the deep respect for natural materials.


The resulting product intentionally deviates from the original inspiration, with a contemporary flavor imparted by a digital filter that still maintains the memory of the authentic product.

  • Material :: Porcelain

  • Application :: Floor, Wall, Commercial, Residential, Kitchen & Bath, Wet Area, Interior, Exterior

  • Colors

    Graphite Small
    Graphite Medium
    Graphite Large
    Graphite Mix
    Grey Small
    Grey Medium
    Grey Large
    Grey Mix
    Terracotta Small
    Terracotta Medium
    Terracotta Large
    Terracotta Mix
    White Small
    White Medium
    White Large
    White Mix
  • Field sizes

    12 x 12