T-532 Vapor

Vapor Collection is inspired by islands in the Canaries archipelago where some of the most unique rock formations exist. Where magma from volcanoes and water from the Atlantic converge. It is a complex, modern and attractive collection featuring bold textures for wall use.


The technology applied to the textured finish makes for an extremely matte feel combined with an enhanced 3-D appearance and structure. Overlays of pigments combined with a subtle gloss blended into the substrate provide a varied shading effect that mimics the natural quality of stone.

  • Material :: Porcelain

  • Application :: Floor, Wall, Interior, Exterior, Kitchen & Bath, Living, Pool, Wet Area, Commercial, Residential

  • Colors


    Dark Grey
    Cool Grey
    French Grey

    Linear Pattern

    Alabaster Linear Pattern
    Dark Grey Linear Pattern
    Cool Grey Linear Pattern
    French Grey Linear Pattern
  • Field sizes

    23.62" x 47.24"
    47.25" x 47.25"
    47.25" x 109.45"