T-817 Tangier – COMING SOON

Tribute to a classic in Spanish arquitecture called “La muralla roja” by
Ricardo Bofill based in Calpe, Alicante.

Inspired by arab mediterranean arquitecture, as an interpretation of a
traditional Kasbah.

Its identity , stricking geometry of cubic lines, full of vibrant colours with
interior spaces almost labyrinthine by the seaside.

As a modernity symbol, we present you our ceramic vision in colours
and lines, over a really smooth matt finish surface which does not
reflect the light.


Deco Mix includes — 6 different reliefs mixed randomly within a box

  • Material :: Ceramic

  • Application :: Interior, Wall, Commercial, Residential, Wet Area, Kitchen & Bath

  • Colors


    Deco Indigo Mix

    Deco Indigo
    Deco Indigo 2
    Deco Indigo 3
    Deco Indigo 4
    Deco Indigo 5
    Deco Indigo 6

    Deco Sand Mix

    Deco Sand
    Deco Sand 2
    Deco Sand 3
    Deco Sand 4
    Deco Sand 5
    Deco Sand 6

    Deco Sky Mix

    Deco Sky
    Deco Sky 2
    Deco Sky 3
    Deco Sky 4
    Deco Sky 5
    Deco Sky 6

    Deco Talc Mix

    Deco Talc
    Deco Talc 2
    Deco Talc 3
    Deco Talc 4
    Deco Talc 5
    Deco Talc 6

    Deco Teja Mix

    Deco Teja
    Deco Teja 2
    Deco Teja 3
    Deco Teja 4
    Deco Teja 5
    Deco Teja 6

    Deco Terracota

    Deco Terracota
    Deco Terracota 2
    Deco Terracota 3
    Deco Terracota 4
    Deco Terracota 5
    Deco Terracota 6
  • Field sizes

    5 x 5