T-817 Ridgeway

Ridgeway, a special collection consisting of small, uniformly sized patterns arranged in a grid, facilitating the creation of intricate compositions while simultaneously making for an easy installation. Suitable for walls or floors.

  • Material :: Ceramic

  • Application :: Wall, Interior, Kitchen & Bath, Living, Commercial, Residential

  • Stock Options :: In Stock in US

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    Beadboard OX

    Beadboard OX Chalk
    Beadboard OX Ash
    Beadboard OX Mud
    Beadboard OX Moss
    Beadboard OX Deep Blue
    Beadboard OX Basalt
    Beadboard OX Clay
    Beadboard OX Off White

    Crosswalk OX

    Crosswalk OX Chalk
    Crosswalk OX Ash
    Crosswalk OX Mud
    Crosswalk OX Moss
    Crosswalk OX Deep Blue
    Crosswalk OX Basalt
    Crosswalk OX Clay
    Crosswalk OX Off White

    Beadboard SM

    Beadboard SM Chalk
    Beadboard SM Ash
    Beadboard SM Mud
    Beadboard SM Moss
    Beadboard SM Deep Blue
    Beadboard SM Basalt
    Beadboard SM Clay
    Beadboard SM Off White

    Crosswalk SM

    Crosswalk SM Chalk
    Crosswalk SM Ash
    Crosswalk SM Mud
    Crosswalk SM Moss
    Crosswalk SM Deep Blue
    Crosswalk SM Basalt
    Crosswalk SM Clay
    Crosswalk SM Off White
  • Field sizes

    6 x 6